Nothing on the Brain…

Yeah, I know I’ve been MIA for a few days, but I’ve fucked up my hand and it hurts like a sonuvabitch to type…anynowihavetodiddlemyfiddlewithmylefthand, look for me on Thursday with a super-great TMI for yo’ ass!

Aaaaaaaannnnd, my blog is a little Paris Hilton eye wonky because I’ve moved to my own domain, It’s kind of a big deal for me because I feel a little more comfortable in my blogging skin and I have high hopes for this thing. So, please excuse the mess, and enjoy!

They need to fix this shit quick…my blog is really effed up!


2 thoughts on “Nothing on the Brain…

  1. If you go to your Dashboard, click “Settings” and then “Publishing”, and there will be an option near the top of the page to register your own domain. It only cost me $10. Do it!

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