Nicotine Fiendin’

I was a regular smoker for 9 years before I decided to quit. It was really a spur of the moment thing; I literally woke up one morning and told myself that my current pack of cigarettes was going to be the last pack I bought.

And for a couple of months, it was. I prided myself in being able to go into a store and not want to purchase a pack. For a while, I didn’t even consider it.

My temptation comes when I am around others who smoke. Even though I can no longer stand to smell the damned things, I still find myself wanting to take a drag of one when I am around others who are enjoying the charring of their lungs. I know it is normal to feel this way, but I feel foolish for thinking I was impervious to such cravings. “No, I am stronger than those silly cravings. I don’t need Nicorette gum or hypnotism to break this habit.”

Willpower is no longer enough for me. Have any of you undertaken the shedding of a nasty habit? Were you able to break it? How? And if you happened to relapse. what triggered it?


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